CV 9.0 - WAT PI Prep for MBA/PGP

Validity : 6 months

What is CV 9.0 ?

It is a community of vibrant participants collectively looking to ace the last phase to live the dream of their life. As the part of the process, this group will be proactively looking to shape up the thought process of participants to make WAT and PI easier for them on the judgment day.

AIM CV 9.0 ?

Everyone will be having some or the other calls, but it is kept to be in mind that it is not the no of calls that matters but that one single convert to make your way into the top B-school of the country that matters.


  • 150+ Mentors , 9 years of Legagy, 1600+ Converts in CAT 2022
  • Focus on 1-2-1 Guidance, to nurture you the best
  • Sessions on Common Topics, Current Affairs, Acads
  • Mocks Interviews, SoP, Form filling Assitant 
  • WAT* Guidance and Evaluation + OFFLINE** Supoort

Must Watch the Video to know more about CV 9.0 - Click Here 


+ Individual Mentor Groups

Offline Support Would Have Additional Minimal Charges. 

For More Details Call/WhatsApp 9905050159

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CV 9.0 - WAT PI Prep for MBA/PGP
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CV 9.0 - WAT PI Prep : Content
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