B Schools Consultancy Mastery

Validity : 6 months

Module 1: B Schools Forms Consultancy - Unveiling the Inside Story with RTI

Uncover the secrets behind B School admission forms using the power of the Right to Information (RTI). Gain insights into the hidden criteria and enhance your application strategy for a competitive edge.

Module 2: Mastering Stage 2 (WAT PI) - Achieve Expected Marks with 98% Accuracy

Decode the Stage 2 mystery with precision. Learn the art of acing Written Ability Tests (WAT) and Personal Interviews (PI) by leveraging RTI data. Increase your chances of securing a safe position with up to 98% accuracy.

Module 3: Your Composite Score - Tailoring Success for Respective B Schools

Unlock the secret formula to calculate your Composite Score for each B School. Discover how to strategically align your strengths with the specific requirements of your target institutions.

Additional Features:

1. Insider Experiences from 40+ B Schools Interviews
   - Access firsthand experiences from successful candidates, including interview questions and WAT topics. Learn from the best to outshine the rest.

2. One Free Demo Session of CV 9.0 WAT PI Module
   - Experience the quality of our coaching firsthand. Participate in a complimentary demo session to understand the strategies that can elevate your performance.

Why Choose Our Consultancy?

- Save Thousands with Strategic Form-Filling
  - Identify B Schools where your chances are highest and save on application fees. Our data-driven approach ensures you invest wisely.

- Avail Hidden Features and Maximize Opportunities
  - Uncover exclusive features that go beyond conventional consultancy. Gain access to hidden opportunities that can make a significant difference in your B School journey.

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Invest in your future with knowledge, strategy, and precision.

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